Expedition vessel for arctic waters up to 12 PAX

'The crew was helpful and friendly and knew how to anticipate our demands. On board there were several seating areas and cabins which gave enough (work)space for the equipment and the film crew.  Because of the size and shape of the boat, we were able to come close to ice and glaciers. A friendly and comfortabel way to travel around.’

Your Possibilities

  • Scientific Expeditions
  • Research Expeditions
  • Touristical Expeditions
  • Photo Cruise
  • Wildlife Cruise (walross, polarbear, arctic birds)
  • Sea Ice Cruise (icebreaker)
  • Ski & Sail
  • Film Logistics
  • Hike & Sail
  • Bike & Sail
  • Diving Boat
  • Charter Vessel
  • Charter Boat
  • Study Trips